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Prevention programs
Prevention Programs 

Drug addiction is the encounter of a personality, a substance, and a given socio-cultural moment.

Dr Claude Olievenstein

According to this conceptualization of addiction, Oum el Nour has developed over the last decade a wide range of prevention projects based on information, education and development.

I - Information
1 - Documentation Center

One of Oum el Nour's main duties is to present accurate and up-to-date information. It holds a documentation center that offers a variety of books, journals, articles and audio-visual materials, as well as the possibility to meet with a subject-matter professional.

2 - ADWAA'

"ADWAA" (from the Arabic, lights), seeks to shed light on the issue of drug addiction. This program aims at increasing knowledge and understanding by organizing drug awareness sessions and activities in schools, social institutions, youth-based groups and other community organizations.

3 - Promotional material and tools

Development of promotional material and prevention tools including posters, postcards, music CD’s, movies, brochures, coasters etc.


II - Education

An effective prevention approach does not limit itself to increasing youth’s knowledge, but should also strive to empower youth and provide them with sufficient skills to face life’s challenges and have a healthy drug-free life. In this perspective, Oum el Nour established 5 educational projects:

1 - CAP (Creating Agents of Prevention):

a community-based program aiming at empowering teachers, educators and social workers to become ‘agents of prevention’, through skill-based training and monitoring

2 - Sail (Skills for Adolescents to Improve Life):

a skill-oriented program based on social and emotional learning.  It offers teachers and educators the possibility to incorporate Life Skills education within school curricula, through skill-based training and monitoring.

3 - Youth connection:

a peer-to-peer initiative that promotes positive youth development and the mobilization of youth towards a drug-free environment within their communities.

4 - Sports for social change:

an alternative-based approach to drug prevention. This project organizes sports sessions and trainings that provide youth with special skills to stay away from drugs.

5 - Parents program:

a parent-based intervention aiming to increase parental awareness and promote positive parent-child communication.

III - Development

Oum el Nour conducted its first community-based development project in 2006 in collaboration with local municipality members and stakeholders in Akkar.

The project consisted of two phases:

  • Needs assessment phase: "Healthy habits for a healthy life", which included an extensive field study on substance abuse in Akkar, needs analysis with local community members and awareness activities within schools, local NGOs and youth clubs.

  • Implementation phase: "Nehna ma'ak, nihna ilak", which comprised the establishment and renovation of two libraries, one computer lab and one gym.